I received the following email today:

Hi Kai —

We’re reviewing our Democratic supporter records in advance of tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline. Your record is copied and pasted below:

Supporter record: 11108505
Name: Kai Devlin
2012 Online Support: Pending
Suggested support: $3.00

If you’re planning to contribute to our campaign to win a Democratic Majority for President Obama, it’s critical that you make your donation in the next 24 hours. Tomorrow is the midyear FEC reporting deadline of the 2012 general election. We’re relying on your support: 80% of our contributions are $35 or less.

You can click this personalized link to make your contribution of $3 or more today »

Thanks for standing with us.

Brandon English
DCCC Digital Director

I responded with the following:

Mr. English,

I donated $5 to President Barack Obama’s campaign just a few months ago.  As a poor, working class, recent college grad making $9.27 per hour and working my maximum allowed hours (35 per week) I am unable to contribute more money to political campaigns.  I must reserve my funds for food, rent, utilities, transportation, $75,000 of student loan repayment, $6,000 of credit card debt, and close to $1,000 in medical expenses for just this year.

Your “suggested support” email is just another reminder that I am unable to provide that which speaks volumes:  money.  It further reminds me that I am struggling to keep my own head above water, and cannot offer my assistance to the politicians who can offer me relief.

So while I appreciate your position, that of the Democratic candidates, and our dear President, please kindly refrain from further contacting me with requests for monetary support.  Your suggested donations serve only as a reminder of my poverty.

Yours truly,

Kai Markas Devlin

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